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Locksmith Waterloo is established since 1998 and providing traditional locksmith services and security equipment throughout the Waterloo area. All our customers can rest assured with confidence and knowledge that if they need locksmith services, lock repairs or a door opening they can call Waterloo Locksmith Service  any time day and night and get a professional technician within 25 Minutes or less from their call. At Waterloo/ Kitchener Locksmith service we specialist in high security products and locksmiths equipment. Our locksmith technicians are knowledgeable and trained in a wide range of locks, keys, and security systems, We have a large selection of locks and keys, it is important to have skilled professional technicians whom you can consult with free of charge and get advice on which security locks and systems are appropriate to your needs.

Our skilled locksmith service will try repair and pick locks to save you money but when this is not possible we offer a replacement lock service that is second to none. If you have moved house or tenants have left with keys our locksmiths can arrange a time that suits you to replace one or all your locks in all properties in the following locations: Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, New Hamburg, Brantford Woodstock, Wellesley, Elmira, Elora, St.Jacobs, Stratford, Paris and St. Mary’s..

When you need aLocal locksmith in Waterloo Kitchener Area, WE Locksmith Waterloo Provides 24 hour Locksmith Services 7 Days A Week.

Call us (519) 489-0497

Our 24 Hour Locksmith Team Will Change Your Locks Open your Doors, and your Car’s And Take Care of All Emergency Locksmith Services that you will need.

24/7 Locksmith Waterloo, Since 1998 Has Been Providing The City Of Waterloo Kitchener With 100% 24 Hour Locksmith Services With Satisfaction Guaranteed 24 Hour Locksmith , We Are Proud To Be First & Number One, Providing Emergency 24 Hour Locksmith Services In The Industry In Waterloo Kitchener.  24 hour Emergency Locksmith Waterloo Response & Services

        Why Locksmith in Waterloo ?

Why Choose 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Waterloo?

 Waterloo Locksmith Will Be On Site In 15 Minutes.

Our 24 Hour Locksmith Team Is Ready For All Your Emergency Locksmith Waterloo 24/7.   Emergency Locksmith In the City Of Waterloo & Kitchener is the Number One Locksmith.

 Our 24 Hours Xpress Locksmith Will Give You The Best Price Combined With Ultimate Services, 24 Hour Locksmith , Seven Day A Week Emergency Locksmith Services.

            We Service the Entire Cities around Kitchener Waterloo with 24 Hours

                 Our Locksmith Technicians Are Located At

  •   Kitchener Locksmith
  •   Waterloo locksmith
  •   Guelph Locksmith
  •   New Hamburg Locksmith
  •   Cambridge Locksmith
  •   Brantford Locksmith
  •   Woodstock Locksmith


  •   Wellesley Locksmith
  •   Elmira Locksmith
  •   Elora Locksmith
  •   St. Jacobs Locksmith
  •   Stratford Locksmith
  •   Paris Locksmith
  •   St. Marys Locksmith





 Waterloo Locksmith is Available 24/7 For All Your Locking & Unlocking 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services.

Waterloo Locksmith Provides 

Locksmith waterloo



  •   Lock Installation
  •   Euro Locks
  •  Key Replacement
  •   Safe Locksmiths
  •   Digital Lock
  •   Replacement Lock
  •   Key Cutting
  •   Door Locks
  •   Combination Lock
  •   Car Door Lockouts
  •   Mortise Lock
  •   Locked Out
  •   re-keying

 Waterloo Locksmith cover all area:

  • N2J 0A1
  • N2J 0A3
  • N2J 0A4
  • N2J 0A6
  • N2J 0A7
  • N2J 0A8
  • N2J 0B3
  • N2J 0B4
  • N2J 0B5
  • N2J 0B6
  • N2J 1A1
  • N2J 1A2
  • N2J 1A3
  • N2J 1A4
  • N2J 1A5
  • N2J 1A6
  • N2J 1A7
  • N2J 1A8









  • N2J 1N5
  • N2J 1N6
  • N2J 1N7
  • N2J 1N8
  • N2J 1N9
  • N2J 1P2
  • N2J 1P5
  • N2J 1P6
  • N2J 1P7
  • N2J 1P8
  • N2J 1P9
  • N2J 1R1
  • N2J 1R2
  • N2J 1R3
  • N2J 1R4
  • N2J 1R8
  • N2J 1S1
  • N2J 1S2









  • N2J 2C9
  • N2J 2E1
  • N2J 2E2
  • N2J 2E3
  • N2J 2E4
  • N2J 2E5
  • N2J 2E6
  • N2J 2E7
  • N2J 2E8
  • N2J 2E9
  • N2J 2G1
  • N2J 2G2
  • N2J 2G3
  • N2J 2G4
  • N2J 2G5
  • N2J 2G6
  • N2J 2G8
  • N2J 2G9









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